Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays from Home Equity Builders, Inc.

Home Equity Builders would like to wish you and yours a blessed holiday season and peaceful New Year. We appreciate your continued loyalty.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Cash for Caulkers"

If you have been listening to the news at all lately, you may have been hearing about President Obama talking about his Homestar program (otherwise known as "Cash for Caulkers"). For those of you who haven't heard about this, let us explain.

Mr. Obama was recently at a Home Depot in Alexandria, Virginia to talk about this program. The basic idea of this program is to help you make your home energy efficient. The program's goal is to offer incentives for things like winterization to new doors and windows, and appliances including refrigerators, washers and air conditioning units. The program may offer a 50% rebate on the cost of the equipment as well as the installation, up to $12,000 per household. In addition to the rebate, installing energy efficient appliances or windows and doors could end up saving homeowners up to 20% on their energy bills.

Home Equity Builders can help you with your energy saving needs. We can install new doors and windows for you, or help you replace your old appliances with new energy saving versions. Give us a call today and start lowering your energy bills.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Remodel your home

With the current state of the housing market, many Americans are finding they must stay in their homes for longer than originally planned. Add to that the uncertain state of banks and the stock market, and what is a homeowner to do? The answer is to invest in your home to make it work for you and your family for the long term.

Chances are, barring a dramatic life change, you will be in your home for upwards of 5 or 10 years. Gone are the days of the nomadic lifestyle that many Americans have grown accustomed to. We are seeing a move back to the time when kids grew up from childhood to college in the same home. If a family needed more room, they would add onto their home rather than move into a larger house. In those days a family would rather invest in the upkeep of their home to reap the benefits later in life.

Home ownership is and will remain the best investment one can make. Improvements you do now will pay for themselves in 3 to 5 years with equity in your home. Why not invest in your home to make it everything you want for now and the future?

Home Equity Builders can update your kitchen or bathroom, or build the additional living space your growing family needs. As a charter member of NARI, you can rest assured that Home Equity Builders ( will provide you with a quality project from start to finish. HEB’s president, Jeff Rainey, is proud to use the best people and the best products to ensure your home is functional and gains value for years to come at a fair and affordable price.

Home Equity Builders' senior designer, Donna West,will work with you to design your new kitchen and bathroom to be both beautiful and functional for the way you live. Her talents are also available to help you decorate your home with new paint selections, space planning and accessory placement. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint and rearranging furniture can do! Turn your basement into a luxury suite that you can be proud to show off. Do you have a room that just doesn’t feel right? Donna can make any space feel welcoming and balanced.

Home Equity Builders has talented staff that can provide you with:
· Interior renovations
· Additions
· Kitchen and bath remodeling
· Furniture placement
· Paint selections
· Color coordination
· Custom tile work
· New floor coverings
· Replacement windows
· Decks
· Elevators
· Mother-in-law suites
· Master suites
· Handyman services
· Handicap accessibility
· Custom and semi-custom cabinetry
· Space planning
· Interior design services

No matter the project, large or small, Home Equity Builders is the only place you need to call.