Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good Day, Everyone!

We appreciate all of our Home Equity Builders clients and strive our best to make sure you are pleased with our work. 
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Friday, January 20, 2012

Are you trying to decide what flooring to use in your kitchen?

Laminate may be the best option if you like the look of wood but are looking for something cost effective and easy to install. It is easier to take care of then wood floors. It is  durable and kid-friendly.

Wood is a great option. It fits in nicely with any design or style that you have throughout your house. It will give any room a nice warm feeling.  Please remember there will be maintenance if you choose wood floors. Consider this when deciding which type of wood you would prefer . Some are more durable then others. Wood is nice and easy on the back compared to stone or marble floors. 

Ceramic tile is a great choice for a kitchen. It is very durable and comes in many textures and colors to go with almost any design. There is some maintenance however when it comes to keeping the grout clean.  
Here are some tips on keeping the grout clean: 


Slate is a beautiful choice, but while slate is really aesthetically pleasing, but is very pourous. There will be some special maintenance to keep it clean. 
Here are some tips on taking care of your slate floors. 

Environmentally Friendly Floors
Why be Eco-Conscious? 
 Here are some things to consider:
  • Using recycled flooring reduces our dependency on oil.
  • Recycled flooring can last longer than conventional flooring.
  • Using Eco Friendly Flooring will contribute to a better world.
  • This type of flooring is safer for your family and environment.
Cork and Bamboo are great floors to choose if you are trying to be "green." 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Getting Ready For Spring?

Are you starting to think about your Spring Projects? Remember if you are planning on installing garden beds this year, you can start earlier then traditional gardens. If you have a plan in mind please call us for help if needed.

Benefits of Garden Beds:

  • When you make a garden bed, it is several inches off the ground. This enables you to pull up a chair or small stool and sit next to the bed to minimize leaning over, thus straining your back. It is really easy to weed, water, and dig around in too, everywhere is easily accessible when in a garden bed, no walking through muddy soil.
  • There is less weeding to be done in a garden bed. If you make your bed right, and dig about a foot deep and lay newspaper or some barrier down, then roots won't get through. 

  • You can fill you bed with the best soils. You don't have to rely on mother nature. You can add whatever it is that helps your garden grow!
  • It helps deter pests. Do you have a gopher or rabbit problem in your garden each year? Well while building your garden bed you can put down a wire mesh to distract the bunnies from digging into your garden. 

Remember, you can also change your garden bed year to year. It can be full of veggies or it can be a decorative piece with your favorite flowers!