Thursday, April 28, 2011

Let Us Make Your Home Feel Bigger....

Do you ever feel "cramped" inside your home? Does your family need more space? Sometimes the answer is easier than moving -- here are some quick ways we can help make your house feel bigger, without the cost of a major addition or a move!

What rooms in your house are "hidden?" They might be under the stairs, off the major hallway or tucked in a back corner upstairs. If you can't easily see it, you most likely won't use it. Allow us to come in and join those hidden rooms onto a room you use more often so you have space to spread out. We can open up a wall, create a new window or door frame so you have easier access to that part of the house and are more inclined to move into it. We can also create a pass-through from your kitchen to dining room or the family room.

Create a room that serves more than one function. Can you combine your formal living room with your formal dining room? Or what about putting bookshelves in your dining room? We can help you tweak and refine how your rooms are structured and add improvements so your rooms serve more than one purpose at a time.

Create the illusion. If you have a large area on one level that combines several different rooms into one (for example, a living room/kitchen/dining room combination, consider varying the ceiling heights for each room to create more definition, giving the illusion of more space. We can raise or lower ceilings, improving the dynamics of the space.

Don't forget the power of a window to open up a room. Consider adding French doors or a bay window to an outside wall to add light and space to the rooms you use the most.

We can help you with any of these items. Give us a call today, and let us know how we can start making the space you live in the space you love.