Thursday, March 11, 2010

The total package

We want to be able to come home and relax. We want our homes to feel like a retreat, be able to come home and get away from it all. We all want to have a piece of luxury, but think we may not be able to afford it. We want to have spa-like bathrooms, the ultimate in luxury, without blowing the budget. What kinds of products are offered out there that can add that touch of luxury without blowing the budget?

I immediately thought of installing a radiant floor heating system for under the tile. Warmly Yours radiant heating systems offer heating for not only tile and stone but wood, laminate and carpet as well. In addition to just heating the bathroom floor, there is another product that they offer specifically designed for the shower floor or tub surround.

So now that the floors are warmed up, what else can we add to create the ultimate in luxury? Imagine stepping out of the warm shower to grab a warm towel from the towel warmer. There are different choices out there to suit most designs and are available both plug-in and hardwired options.

The last accessory I would consider adding to a spa bathroom would be to add a mirror defogger. Why waste time waiting for the mirror to clear up? This is such an economical upgrade, and so worth your time. It is a very simple installation and can be done in a matter of minutes.

Home Equity Builders is now a distributor of Warmly Yours products. We can add these as part of your bathroom remodeling project or simply add them to your existing bathroom. Call us today!