Saturday, March 23, 2013

Outdoor Ideas, Getting Ready for Spring!

Here are some link to help you with "Spring Makeover" ideas!

Photo Credit: HGTV Outdoor Areas
Photo Credit: The Epoch Times

Photo Credit: Austin Deck and Patio Builder
Photo Credit: Austin Patio and Deck
Photo Credit: Japanese Natural Cedar

Making a Garden Bed
Photo Credit: Canadian Gardener
Photo Credit: Container Gardening
Photo Credit: Fun Gardening Ideas


  1. It is amazing what can be done with outdoor living areas to enhance the value of your home. I think photos 2 and 3 are awesome.

  2. These are some great outdoor ideas. I am a big fan of the pergola and the many uses it has. It adds visual interest, it can be used to hang flowers or vegetables, and it helps to define a space.